“Ashes that have been killed by emerald ash borer infestations become extremely brittle and can drop limbs at any time, especially during storms and high winds.

“The remaining standing trunks (although unsightly present a greatly reduced risk) will be dealt with at a later date.

“All appropriate safety precautions should have been in place at the time this work was carried out for park guests as well as staff. We will speak with staff and ensure that all safety protocols and precautions have been taken. at that time and for any work.”

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A lure for the emerald ash borer. The lure, which is coated in a sticky ash-smelling substance, traps the beetle.

Melissa Melvin-Rodriguez/Diary

Q: Last summer during the Downtown Jazz Series, they had a wonderful musician, The Terence Young Experience, who was scheduled to perform at Corpening Plaza. As we waited for the show to start, the sky opened up and after about an hour of rain, the concert was cancelled. Are there any plans to bring this remarkable musician back to complete his performance? He is absolutely wonderful.

To respond: Jason Thiel, president of the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership, Inc., one of the sponsoring organizations of the Downtown Jazz Series, said the concert schedule for this summer has yet to be finalized.

“Sorry about that last year. We expect to have a schedule no later than mid-May,” Thiel said.