God only knows how Riverdale the writers imagine all the Archiverse savagery for the CW. Somehow Archie and Betty both have superpowers now, and the show jumped to the future where Archie was fighting a war while wearing a WWII uniform, and Betty became a FBI agent. This, of course, led to many jokes that the series would somehow go “into space”, as if it were an occasional daily occurrence, and one way or another, the series continues to kick off.

This is the case even as The CW announced a bunch of cancellations, as relayed The Hollywood Reporter. The first renewals had already arrived for Riverdale as well as Nancy Drew, Superman and Loisand onell American: Homecoming. The fate of star girl stay in the air, but batman and Legends of tomorrow was fired in April. Now several other shows – including Charm, In the dark, Dynasty, Roswell New Mexico , The 4400and Noemie – all received bad news on Thursday. THR notes that The CW is cutting spending as a possible sale to Nexstar looms.

Well, Walker still stands, and Collider reports that a prequel is also in the works (the Yellowstone effect spreads, it seems), but let’s just say some people are salty to lose their favorites. The jokes about The CW “cancelling all of their other shows to get the money to send the cast of Riverdale into space in Season 7” definitely hit.

However, the fact that people are still talking about Riverdale probably says a lot here, right? Yeah, and in space they (probably) go!

(Going through Hollywood journalist)