Draymond Green isn’t usually happy with referees, but on Saturday night he had a very good reason for an outburst.

With less than eight minutes remaining in the third quarter of the Warriors’ game against the Utah Jazz at Chase Center, Bojan Bogdanovic appeared to throw a jumper as the shot clock expired.

There was a loose ball rush and it appeared the Warriors had possession when the referees whistled.

Before the referees could meet to discuss what had just happened, Green was already shouting that it should be the Warriors ball.

The referees regrouped and one could be heard saying that the ball had indeed hit the rim and there had been an inadvertent whistle. Because neither team – in their view – had possession of the ball, there was a jump ball on center court.

It was then that Green lost his temper.

Green ran to the Warriors bench and began explaining — in a very spirited fashion — to coach Steve Kerr what was going on.

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Green’s plea was of no use to him as the referees braced for the popped ball, which Hassan Whiteside won over Kevon Looney, restoring possession to the Jazz. Luckily for Green and the Warriors, Utah didn’t score on that possession.

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