Ensuring a loan without exclusion at the best price

Borrower; profession at risk!

Borrower; profession at risk!

In other companies these trades undergo a significant increase. Through our intermediary, most professions do not involve a premium.

Specialist in loan insurance for risky profession

If your job is considered to be a profession at risk (firefighter, policeman, soldier, stuntman), the firm Insurance of loan not expensive studies your profile in order to offer you the solution aggravated professional risk best suited to your situation and the least expensive. Compare the credit insurance offers and contact your insurance consultant to insure your loan.

Make your credit on the best terms

Make your credit on the best terms

With Cheap Loan Insurance, you benefit from a tailored professional risk weighted cover and can thus access the loan without any complications: if the lending bank has refused to grant you a group guarantee, it will not be able to refuse the delegation of insurance profession at risk.

And by taking advantage of the best insurance rate for business risk borrower, you save on the cost of your contract compared to offers issued by insurance professionals. Choosing the online broker for your insurance is to trust an expert whose mission is to serve your own interests.

Broker specialized loan insurance for borrowers have a risky profession

Insurance loan not expensive is a key player for your loan insurance. We will be able to bring you the best offer in record time whatever your job and your medical history.

Example occupation at risk: Loan 250.000 €, Insurance rate 0.10% or 0.24%

  1. If you are 34 years old and you are a policeman, for a Death/Tiap guarantee, the cost would be: 0.10%
    250,000 x 0.10%/12 = 20.83 € per month
  1. If you are 50 years old and you are an airline pilot; your tariff in Death/Tiap would be 0.24%
    250,000 x 0.24%/12 = 50.00 € per month

Of course, these rates apply if the health questionnaire is blank.

Realize a custom borrower insurance quote with our comparative insurance credit real estate tool

Realize a custom borrower insurance quote with our comparative insurance <a href=credit real estate tool” />

Thanks to its expertise and its annual business volume, the brokerage firm has negotiated insurance rates for customized loans without mark ups for risky professions such as:

  • insurance pretends policeman
  • firefighter borrower guarantee,
  • credit cover for airline pilot,
  • police and military insurance solution,
  • bricklayer, truck driver, artificer,…


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