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Who can provide loan to the unemployed? suggests that they can provide an online loan for bad credit.  

Nobody will receive an instant loan even without work. Neither German banks nor banks abroad will approve this loan application. Unfortunately, many consumers are attracting dubious credit intermediaries who promise credit and are only exploited. With luck, only apprenticeship money is paid, but in the worst case, they are in a debt trap and have to pay money for COD charges or expensive life insurance they never wanted.

Nevertheless, the unemployed still try to get an instant loan even without work. The reason is simple because the unemployed have to come to terms with very little money and comply with existing installment obligations. Banks have very strict guidelines for granting loans that must be respected. These not only serve to protect the bank but also to protect consumers from being indebted. Even unemployed people who receive a high unemployment benefit will not receive an instant loan without work. It also looks different if the borrower already has a loan and then loses his job.

Which alternatives can be used for instant loans without work?

Which alternatives can be used for instant loans without work?

There are not really many alternatives for the unemployed that can be exhausted. Some banks are willing to grant a loan when a guarantee is made. This guarantor, who can be held responsible for the instant loan even without work, must be able to pay the installments. Thus, he must have a fixed income and be able to both make a living as well as meet the obligations. Above all, a civil servant is suitable as a guarantor since he is as good as non-terminable and thus has a special credit rating. The applicant can take out his life insurance, but only if it runs for a certain period of time and has at least € 5,000 in surrender value.

Thus, the insurance can be borrowed, which is a better alternative than to use a guarantor for the loan for the unemployed. The sum can be used to bridge the liquidity shortage. One last option is to look for a person in the private sphere who is willing to lend a certain amount of money. Should this person be found, a contract should be drawn up so that both sides are protected. Without a written contract, the friendship can borrow quickly and money is known to stop friendship.

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