Friska Stockholm Standing Desk: review in two minutes

If you’re looking for a standing desk, chances are you’ve been looking around stores like Ikea to find yourself a cheap deal, which is definitely not a bad idea. if your budget is tight. If you’re looking for something altogether more premium and customizable, there’s another Swedish desk maker that should be on your radar.

Friska offers a large selection of electric sit/stand desks for you to choose from depending on your needs, with its Stockholm range representing the bulk of its designs. On the surface, it might not seem like something to scream at home, at least if you’re familiar with the traditional style of standing desks, but what it lacks in unique aesthetics it more than makes up for in customization options.

The ability to tailor the desk to your exact needs also makes the Friska Stockholm standing desk more affordable than you might think, which is great news for those looking for the many health benefits of a standing desk, without the hassle. it doesn’t cost the earth.

Likewise, it also means you can make the desk as luxurious as you want, with the option to include different frame colors, tops and additional specs or accessories such as cable pass-through holes and upgraded controls. .

Even budget standing desks are a big buy, and both are something you want to buy blindly. With Friska having such a variety of configurations, it’s thankfully quite easy to select options that suit your needs without breaking the bank, and the build quality is sturdy and reliable enough to ensure your purchase will last you many years to come.

Friska Stockholm standing desk: Price and availability

A front view of the Friska Stockholm permanent desk

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Pricing for the Friska Stockhold desk starts at £749 (about $920 / AU$1,300), and UK delivery is both free and exceptionally fast, offering next day delivery if you place your order before 2pm . The price does not change if you select one of the various color options available for the frame or top, so if aesthetics are your only concern, you can make adjustments to make the desk fit your environment without additional charges.

The size of the mattress topper can also be adjusted if you wish to have a deeper or longer surface for your equipment, although these types of adjustments do increase the price. For example, upgrading from the default size of 1200mm x 700mm to the larger size of 1800mm x 800mm will cost you an extra £50 (around $60 / AU$90), which seems like a fair price.

You can also include optional extras such as a cable management tray, holes for cable ports, power outlets in the desktop and more upscale operational controls with a memory switch if you want to spruce it up. your order.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with the Friska range is shipping, as unsurprisingly it can be quite expensive to ship such a large product overseas. It’s clear that Friska’s target market is the UK mainland given its free delivery, although other regions are also available at an additional cost.

Shipping to the USA will take approximately 1-2 weeks and cost a flat rate of £498 ($610), but other regions such as Australia are excluded entirely. Most of Europe is thankfully included, but although Friska’s website offers an option to switch from displaying prices in GBP to Euros, this does not appear to be working properly at the time of writing.

Standing desk Friska Stockholm: Design

The Friska Stockholm corner standing desk

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The Friska Stockholm is configurable in a range of different sizes as the frame can be adjusted to fit different toppers. The basic kit is generally the same, with all parts arriving well protected in cardboard and polystyrene, although any optional extras are shipped in a separate box.

If you To do include any extras such as an upgraded control switch or integrated power outlet, it is important that you remember to open the smaller of the boxes before you start building as it will contain the specific instructions for your setup.

Unfortunately, desks all come with a set of generic desk building instructions and hardware, which can lead to some confusion as the manual may not provide the correct instructions for assembling your specific desk. This also extends to screws and accessories, as we have found that some of these configurations will require different assembly requirements. Therefore, if you follow a set of instructions that come with the main desk, you might later discover the assembly manual that you should have followed after. most of the office has been built.

If you have selected options that require additional holes or larger capacity spaces for accessories, all of these are pre-drilled and mounting guidelines are marked on the tops to make securing the frame to the worktop as painless as possible.

The improved memory control switch on the Friska Stockholm standing desk

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The standard control hub is a simple two-button affair with up and down arrows to mark the direction of desk movement. These are coated in silicone for extra grip and have a satisfying click feel, but don’t come with an option to save height presets for easy adjustments. If that feature was something you needed, Friska has an upgrade available for an extra £99 (about $120 / AU$170), although you’ll still get the standard control switch included in delivery, which can seem a bit unnecessary.

The Friska Stockholm has two motors that allow the desk to be lowered up to 62 cm or raised up to 130 cm (if measured from the surface of the desk), and the desk can support a maximum load of 264 .4 lbs (120 kg) . These stats are not to be sniffed at, and the weight limit is enough to not support the weight of a full-sized desktop computer and all your other office gear, but is also stable enough for a full-grown adult male can stand on it if necessary (although we certainly don’t suggest doing this on a regular basis).

The mattress topper itself is available in a selection of different styles, such as black, white and a variety of wood and granite inspired looks, although all are man-made vinyl wrapped around engineered wood, so if you wanted a solid wood option, you’d have to look elsewhere.

Friska Stockholm Standing Desk: Features

A close up of the enhanced memory control switch on the Friska Stockholm standing desk

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If you don’t include any of the optional upgrades, the Friska Stockholm is pretty stripped down, but you get all the essential features that make it a worthwhile investment. The up/down controls are a bit rudimentary, but with a movement speed of 42mm per second, it’s quick to make adjustments without moving any equipment placed on its surface.

One criticism we have if you opt for the enhanced memory switch is that you still have to hold down the control buttons while the desktop is moving, even if you select one of the two available buttons that allows you to save a specific height (a useful feature if you want to switch between your ideal sitting and standing positions). It would be nicer instead to see one-touch adjustment for saved height profiles, but it works as expected otherwise.

The desk itself will come in two or three boxes: the top, the frame and the internal mechanisms, then a smaller box with additional options, specific assembly instructions and the correct screws for the desks that need them.

A photo under the desk of the Friska Stockholm standing desk

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As mentioned, the mainframe shipping box will also contain generic desktop assembly instructions which can be confusing, but providing you open the smaller box first shouldn’t be a problem. The packaging does a great job of protecting all parts of the desk, and nothing has happened with damage. Friska recommends laying down a blanket or using the desk box to protect it during assembly. This is true for other standing desks and it can be quite easy to scratch a desk or even your floor when assembling one.

Assembling the Friska Stockholm was a simple affair. The instructions are clear, well illustrated and written in fluent English, and although he recommends that two people assemble the desk due to its heavy weight when complete, one person can complete most of the assembly alone at provided someone can help return the desk to the correct position when the frame has been attached to the topper.

From there, just plug the desk’s motor into the AC adapter on the back and plug in the power cable before flipping the finished desk over. This is also a great time to use the included cable ties to tidy up some of the cables so they don’t fall out and look out of place once you flip the desk over. These are supplied in the box as a gift, although unlike the screw holes there are no guides on where to place them so you can use as many or as few as you want to keep the underside of the desk clean.

Should I buy the Friska Stockholm standing desk?

A photo of the engine of the Friska Stockholm standing desk

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First revision: May 2022