Steve Kerr wasn’t sure if Klay Thompson would travel with the Warriors on their road trip to two cities through Denver and Salt Lake City, but he joined the squad and it’s been a very productive week for the rehab shooting guard. .

Thompson’s latest achievement was scoring 24 straight 3-pointers in the drills leading up to the Warriors’ game against the Jazz on Saturday at Vivant Arena.

The shooters throw that Klay got in his fourth straight series was incredible.

Thompson, who is recovering from a torn right Achilles, underwent more rigorous drills before his melee shot.

Thompson took on Steph Curry, Andrew Wiggins and the rest of the Warriors regulars for the first time on Thursday after their game against the Nuggets was postponed due to a COVID-19 outbreak among Denver players and staff. coaches.

“We had a great scrum,” Kerr told reporters after a shootout in Denver on Thursday. “This is the first time that Klay has faced our first group. So it was really fun to watch and useful for Klay and our team. We have been working on some of our executions that we have struggled with recently. So we shot It was good practice.

“It’s good to have given him minutes with all the guys. He hadn’t played with our main guys yet. It’s fun to see Steph and Klay come back together on the pitch, and Andre. [Iguodala], [Kevon Looney] and Wiggs. Wigs, [his] the first time to really play with Klay. Obviously it would have been nice to have Draymond here, but it will happen soon enough. “

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Thompson spoke to reporters on Friday and said he did not have a return date circled on the calendar, noting that it was Rick Celebrini, the Warriors’ director of medicine and performance, who will determine when Klay will be ready and let him know a day or two in advance.

Thompson’s first NBA game in more than 30 months is set to be a home game, either Jan.9 against the Cleveland Cavaliers or Jan.18 against the Detroit Pistons, and when he spoke to reporters on Friday, he made it clear that it was fair. he comes back to Dub Nation.

“Yeah,” Thompson said in Denver. “I want to do it in front of our fans. They deserve it. For the first time in two years, they deserve to see me in a dorm.”

Whenever Thompson returns, he will be included in the Warriors’ starting lineup. Chances are, Chase Center will never be louder than when its name is announced during the pre-game introduction.

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