Utah Jazz goalie Jordan Clarkson (Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports)

At 14-7 years old, the Utah Jazz are enjoying a strong 2021-22 season so far, but a dominant December should top every Jazzman’s Christmas list. After all, this team still holds the potential to go from solid to dominant.

Fortunately, the Jazz’s upcoming December list is reasonably forgiving. With a number of lottery-related teams and a minimum number of consecutive games during the donation season, we’re going to predict a lot of wins in this article.

All Jazz has to do now is perform and make us look good in the process.

Predict every Utah Jazz game in December

December 3 vs. Boston Celtics: To earn

The Boston Celtics may be a legendary franchise, but they’ve had a fairly uninspiring start to 2021-22 so far. They’ve just picked up a win over the Philadelphia 76ers, but they’re also not far from dropping a low-scoring affair against mediocre San Antonio Spurs and a 123-104 blowout against the Brooklyn Nets.

Meanwhile, the Utah Jazz have won their last two games by 22 points. They seem to be on a roll. They have been better in the short and long term than the Celtics this season, and that trend should continue to head into tomorrow night’s game.

December 5 vs Cleveland Cavaliers: Loss

Arguably, predicting a loss for the Utah Jazz in this contest is too pessimistic. Time will tell us. This Jazz team has developed a nasty habit of downplaying their competition, and the 11-10 Cavaliers are perhaps one of the worst teams in the league to make this mistake against.

Against any modern notion of NBA basketball, the Cavs frequently deploy a three-round lineup starting Jarrett Allen, Evan Mobley and Lauri Markkanen in their frontcourt. The length advantage that Jazz usually enjoy with Rudy Gobert in the middle can be neutralized in this contest.

If the Jazz focuses and performs, they will have a great chance to come out of this competition with a victory. Considering their performance against talented but lesser opponents over the season so far, we are hedging our bets against this result here.

December 8 against the Minnesota Timberwolves: To earn

Based on our previous prediction, one would have expected us to predict a loss in every Jazz game against a lesser opponent. We’re not data scientists, but this seems like a really bad projection model.

Look for the Jazz to correct course after a tough loss to the Cavaliers and get ready for that game with the young upstart puppies.

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