Purple is back so join the party and grab your new Utah Jazz gear!

Beginning on Friday morning and ending on Saturday evening, the Jazz Team Store will allow everyone to purchase the merchandise. From short-sleeved shirts to hoodies, hats, and everything in between, the new colorway will be available for men, women, and kids.

With this new era officially underway, Jazz is making it easier than ever for fans to get involved and show their unwavering support.

In honor of embracing that spotlight and replicating the past with the next successful era, Utah has reintroduced itself with four new uniforms for the 2022-23 season.

“Purple is back and here to stay,” said Utah Jazz president Jim Olson. “This collection of uniforms features the return of our color purple, which will be an integral part of our new designs in future Jazz seasons. Purple is loved by our fans and lives at the heart of our identity. Alongside our newly painted, these fresh yet familiar looks are a testament to our great history and vibrant future.

After making a brief appearance in the 2019-20 season as part of the Classic Edition uniform, Purple Mountain will be here for the upcoming season as the design reflects the proud history of the franchise and hopes to replicate the next successful era.

But that’s not the only significant change coming to the team store.

The white and black uniforms symbolize the white and black keys of a piano, a key figure in the history of jazz music. The yellow jersey represents the designated spotlight to the greatest performers in history, a nod to the fact that Utah embraces being in the spotlight with all eyes watching.

The uniform line includes a new “Dark Mode” with “UTAH” on the chest, a white version with the note and a yellow variant with “JAZZ” on the chest. Each kit features enlarged front and back jersey numbers and retains the familiar angled side panels. The black shorts have JAZZ in shiny satin material on the waistband, while the white and yellow shorts feature UTAH.

The neck, arm and leg trim of all uniforms additionally features a subtle matte/gloss taping material – yellow on the white and yellow uniforms and black on the black uniform.

The shirts will be available for pre-sale only, with fans able to use a kiosk set up inside the team store specifically to pre-order shirts – and available to pre-order online at remix.jazzteamstore.com.

White and yellow jerseys are expected to arrive in fall 2022, while purple and black uniforms are expected to arrive in winter. All orders placed for traded players AFTER ordering will be fully refunded.

After the initial release on Friday, the brand relaunch party culminates in an all-day celebration on Saturday in the atrium and outside of the arena. From appearances by Jazz Bear and corn hole jazz dancers, a basketball hoop and food carts, the party will start at 11 a.m. and continue until 6 p.m.

For more information on the Utah brand launch, CLICK HERE.