It’s not uncommon to see someone in Sunday attire picking up food for Sunday dinner at some of Inglewood’s finest restaurants. It’s a long-standing tradition and it’s been going on for years.

Its recurrence in the future, however, is not guaranteed.

The dynamic has changed since SoFi Stadium allowed fans in for the 2021 NFL season.

“Sunday was our biggest day for soul food,” said Terry Dulan, owner of Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen in Inglewood. “You have your first crowd, then you have your church crowd.”

Sport brings new people to the region. Inglewood, minutes from Los Angeles International Airport, is a city of nearly 108,000 people, according to the 2020 census, down about 2,000 from 2010. The population is predominantly Hispanic or Latino ( 50.6%) and black (40.9%), with 16.8 percent of residents living in poverty. The median household income is $54,400.’s Home Value Index showed the average home value in Inglewood at $744,070 in December 2021, up 14.5% from 2020. That is, like many cities , a mix of working-class, poor and middle-class neighborhoods.

Faithful Central Bible Church is one of the most important places of worship in the city and was