The top five plays of Wednesday’s Celtics-Jazz game feature Daniel Theis against Jordan Clarkson on the edge, Robert Williams against Eric Paschall’s layup and Jayson Tatum’s penny at the Timelord. They also include Al Horford crushing Mike Conley and Boston’s block party to end the third quarter.

Daniel Theis Stonewalls Jordan Clarkson

Somehow this made it into the top five games. In the end, it’s Daniel Theis who turns to the weak side to deny Jordan Clarkson’s attempt at a highlight jam, followed by a downcast stare and Theis shaking his head.

Robert Williams points to Eric Paschall’s attempted layup

Mike Conley catches the loose ball, gets deep into the paint, the defense crumbles and he hits it to an open Eric Paschall in the right corner. Jayson Tatum closes in quickly, forcing Paschall to put him on the deck, and even though he rounds the corner, Robert Williams spins to protect the rim, pushing his shot out of bounds.

Dime from Jayson Tatum to Robert Williams

The piece above is a good example of Tatum’s growth as an enabler. Robert Williams returns the screen to the wing, Hassan Whiteside is at the three-point line, not wanting Tatum to enter another sharp look from beyond the arc, and he even gets his hands on the dribble of Tatute. But the three-time All-Star is unfazed, picking up the ball, holding his head high and delivering a penny, hooking a bouncing pass around Whiteside and through Clarkson’s outstretched leg, hitting Williams in stride for a dunk.

Al Horford beats Mike Conley

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Al Horford and Tatum trade Rudy Gobert’s screen for Mike Conley. Horford stays with the veteran guard on the ride. Grant Williams stunts to help, Conley has no sending off options, Tatum makes contact with Gobert, further deterring the idea of ​​lobbing, and Horford crushes his layup. Marcus Smart then saves the ball to Horford, who hands it to Derrick White, and the Celtics are on their way.

The Boston Block Party

Rudy Gay takes too long to kick in a corner three, and Horford registers another counter. White then comes out of Gobert to challenge Conley, Tatum takes Gobert, maintaining contact with him, and when the ball goes to Trent Forrest, Tatum returns his shot to close out the third quarter with a play that easily wormed its way into the top five from Wednesday’s win.

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