Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder, after leading the Jazz to a franchise better start and a league-leading 24-5 record, will be the All-Star head coach of the Conference of the ‘Where is.

Understandably, Snyder tried not to take credit for Jazz’s accomplishments, instead blaming the players themselves for giving him the opportunity to coach the All-Star Game.

“It’s just a statement about our team and our players,” he said Wednesday night after the Jazz beat the Los Angeles Clippers for a ninth consecutive victory. “Obviously winning games is ultimately why you are there because your team is winning. You don’t have to read too much, that’s the criteria.

While Snyder is correct that each conference’s most successful coach is named to coach the All-Star Game, jazz players see it as much more symbolic of an honor for the work Snyder has done over the course of his seven seasons as head coach of Jazz.

Donovan Mitchell described the tireless work Snyder puts into the job saying, “Man never sleeps.”

Mitchell went on to describe how after every season, every playoff series, whenever he got the chance, Snyder would come to Mitchell to discuss tactics, plans and ideas.

“I love the coach,” said Mitchell. “I think it’s well deserved. Obviously we score, we do all of these different things, but he writes things down. He’s the one pointing it out and yes we go out and play, but we’re a very well-trained team… he’ll never say it, but he’s the best coach in the league in my opinion.

Joe Ingles said Snyder is the best coach he’s ever had and said that while much of it is because of what he’s able to take players out on the pitch, it’s actually the conversations. off the field with Snyder and the relationships he builds with players which is remarkable.

“He’s a player’s coach,” Ingles said. “He obviously cares about everyone who has been here for the past seven years. And I think that’s one of the best parts is when you have a coach who really cares about you, not just as a player and how I can leave myself and how he’s going to put me in the best position to do it, but asking about your family, asking about your kids, asking what’s going on off the pitch… having someone who really cares is pretty special and pretty rare.

Rudy Gobert said Snyder to coach the All-Star Game is a blessing and remembers the journey over the past seven years and how Snyder has stayed with the players and has always been encouraging even in the darkest of times.

Obviously, the Jazz are hopeful that Snyder won’t be the only All-Star Jazz to represent in Atlanta on March 7, but they are proud of what they have accomplished as a team and they see Snyder’s appointment as All-Star. coach as a representative of everything, just like Snyder.

“I am honored to do this,” Snyder said. “It is an honor for them that I have the chance to represent our group and in this capacity.”