As Utah Jazz prepares for the regular season, the preseason roster has had to be reduced.

On Thursday, the Jazz announced that they had given up on Derrick Alston Jr., Marques Bolden and MaCio Teague.

This means the last remaining training camp guest on the roster is Malik Fitts, who has been an intriguing prospect throughout the preseason and leads the league in preseason 3-point shooting after scoring 5. out of 6 for 83.3% in four games.

With Fitts on the roster, the Jazz have 15 players, the total number of players allowed. It seems unlikely that the Jazz will use the last spot on the roster to sign Fitts, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be part of the squad to move forward.

The Jazz also have another two-way contract that they can use, and that may be where Fitts is headed.

The team re-signed Trent Forrest to a bilateral deal earlier this summer, then gave their second bilateral deal to Justin James as training camp began. But soon after, the Jazz took out James and he continued to join the Cleveland Cavaliers.

A bilateral deal would allow Jazz to take a closer look at Fitts’ development and call upon it from the G League to play with Jazz whenever it needed to.

The plan is for Jazz to assign Alston Jr., Bolden and Teague, who have all signed Exhibition-10 agreements with Jazz, to the SLC Stars, so this won’t be the last time Jazz fans can. see all three in action.

Annex 10 contracts give the team a player’s rights to the G League and include incentives for players to stay with a team’s G League affiliate. Given that the Stars have a reputation for developing players who either sign full deals with the NBA or succeed internationally, they will likely stick around for a while.

As for Fitts, it seems telling that the Jazz have announced the release of the other three signings from training camp and have excluded him from this list.

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